CEO – CEO is a segment hosted by Munson Steed where he talks with other CEOs about the ins and outs of the business.

Friday Fashion

RO Fashion Friday is a show hosted by Cassidy (Cass In The City). The show is all about fashion, style, and trends. On the segment, we feature fashion lovers, bloggers, celebrities and stylists.

Monday Makeover

Monday Makeover is a segment hosted by Cassidy (Cass In The City). The show features guests including makeup artists, hairstylists, nail artists, and beauty bloggers. During the segments, they will discuss the beauty industry and the latest beauty trends.


RO Music is a show hosted that features live interviews with upcoming singer, DJs, rappers, musicians, and celebrities.

The Funny

RO The Funny is a show that is all about comedy. The show features live and programmed interviews with comedians.